Perhaps the answer is not to be too successful at any particular thing: Success can become an albatross for an artist, as it does for those actors who do so well in a particular role that they can never successfully take on any other.

Brian Eno, when asked the secret of artistic longevity (via austinkleon)

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July 29 2014


Godzilla & Gamera by zhen lu

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July 29 2014


Battle Royale (2000, dir. Kinji Fukasaku)

July 29 2014

Princess Zelda + Flower Crown Icons requested by lunar-fairy

Feel free to use, no need to credit. 

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July 29 2014


Samurai Champloo spread, introducing Mugen, Jin and Fuu illustrated by Nakazawa Kazuto in an older issue of Animage Magazine.

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